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Advice from Sarah

Sarah Bingham has a Masters in Nutrition, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist and she is also the founder of Fast Food Healing.

Advice from a natural chef

Adrienne Falcone Godsell of The Food Whisperer, is a holistic personal chef who gives food advice and recipes.

Advice from experts

Several experts from many areas of health and nutrition will share their knowledge and tips.

Learn more about Sarah at FastFoodHealing.com

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Snot Nosed Kids: Ep1 - Introducing Sarah Bingham


On this inaugural episode of Snot Nosed Kids, Sarah Bingham shares her background in nutrition and her philosophy about feeding families — and especially those with children — good, wholesome, nutritious food without needing to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.

Snot Nosed Kids: Ep2 - Have The Guts to Heal?

Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” If you’re trying to figure out why your child is not well 

Snot Nosed Kids: Ep3 – Getting Started, part I

Sarah kicks off this two-part special about “getting started” thinking and cooking more nutritious, whole food. She shares her list of staple foods that should ALWAYS be in your pantry and why.

Snot Nosed Kids: Ep4 - Getting Started, part II


Sarah wraps up this two-part special about “getting started” thinking and cooking more nutritious, whole food. She discusses ways to cook these staples and finish them with yummy sauces to make cooking and mealtime fast and easy.

Snot Nosed Kids: EP5 – Holiday Survival Guide

In this episode, Sarah speaks about surviving the holidays nutritionally. Does everyone always get sick during the holidays? 

Snot Nosed Kids: EP6 – Asthma

Here is a quick overview of what is needed to strengthen the body to overcome asthma.  Asthma does not need to be a life sentence! 

Snot Nosed Kids: EP7 – Food Whisperer

Meet Adrienne Falcone Godsell, Whole Foods chef! She is terrific. Learn more about her and enjoy the tips she has to offer. 

Snot Nosed Kids: EP8 – Essential Oils Part 1

What are essential oils? How long have they been around? What were they used for in the past? Listen is as Sarah explains the benefits of essential oils in this first of a four-part series. 

Snot Nosed Kids: EP9 – Essential Oils Part 2

What you need to know about the quality of essential oils and how to determine a top grade oil.  How are essential oils made? Listen in and learn more about essential oils in this second episode of a four-part series. 

Snot Nosed Kids: EP10 – Essential Oils Part 3

Safety issues with oils and how they can replace common, toxic chemicals. Learn about how to benefit from lavender, peppermint, and two blended oils, one for purification and one for supporting the immune and respiratory system. 

Snot Nosed Kids: EP11 – Essential Oils Part 4

The best essential oils for anxiety, pain, digestion and supporting the lungs. Learn about the uses of lemon oil and copaiba oil which is from South America. 

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Sarah Bingham, MS, CNS, LDN

Sarah L. Bingham, MS, CNS, LDN; Founder, Fast Food Healing, LLC

 Sarah began her career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development from Tuft’s University. She ran a special needs pre-school and worked for several years with special needs children.  She went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and is a licensed dietitian in the state of Florida.

Sarah co-authored the book Food Allergies: A Self Help Guide, ran her own nutrition consulting practice for thirteen years in Lenox, MA, and was a regular guest on National Public Radio. She has worked as part of a team in several medical practices using a multi-faceted approach to heal conditions such as depression, anxiety, obesity, autoimmune disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral issues in children, and chronic fatigue.

Sarah has more than thirty-six years experience helping clients throughout the country reach their desired level of wellness. She loves empowering parents to feed their children to health.  For all of her clients, lasting results involve terrific energy, a better immune system, better body size, more stamina and less anxiety.

Along with her private practice, Sarah is affiliated with Dr. Jordan Axe at The Root Cause Clinic in Tampa.  Dr. Axe is an expert in reversing thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid disease.  Together, they help patients heal naturally from thyroid conditions.

Sarah is a dynamic and passionate speaker who communicates with clarity, humor and inspiration the simplicity of achieving wellness.

She can be reached at sarah@fastfoodhealing.com or 813-321-5303.

Visit her website at www.fastfoodhealing.com. 

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